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Gateway to Life Ranch

Reverend Willie M. Crook is truly a child of the King. He loves God, the creator of all, simply because he first loved him. Rev. Crook knows that it is in God that he lives, moves, and has his being. He lives by the fact that since God gave him love, he must give that love back. Jesus asked “How can you love me, whom you have never seen and not love humanity with whom you walk with daily?” Everyday Rev. Crook sets out to complete Jesus’ command of loving people.

Rev. Crook, a preacher of the Gospel for twelve years, received his Bachelor of Theology from The Easonian Baptist Seminary. Rev. Crook strongly believes that love begins at home. He is a devoted husband to his loving wife of twenty-five years, Rita Coleman Crook. He is also a loving father to five children, Jessica (22), Joshua (21), Jasmine (17), Jeremiah (14), and Jorda (5). Rev. Crook has always loved children and also helped to raise two of his nephews, as well as several community children.

Founder & Wife

Rev. Crook believes in hard work and has been a builder of properties for twenty-six years. He and his family have spent many long hours building, looking forward to using their gifts to one day lift someone. Rev. Crook believes that the Gateway to Life Ranch can be used as a way to instill character and self esteem in the lives of both children and adults, through hard work and faith in God. He believes that every person is born with a special gift, but those gifts must be discovered and then refined. Rev. Crook believes that in order to refine a gift, one must be put into the right environment. He considers himself a living testimony of this. Rev. Crook also credits two mentors that God placed in his life. He will never forget his grandfather, who taught him not only how to work, but also to give his all in everything. His pastor, Dr. Howard Taylor, also had a significant impact on his life. Dr. Taylor is a spiritual man with one goal- to seek and save the lost in society, and this too can be seen in Rev. Crook’s life.