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Gateway to Life Ranch

Gateway to Life Ranch Mentoring Programs

Men Making Men Mentoring Program for Boys

Live to Love Mentoring Program for Girls

“Reaching the Next Generation”


The mission is to reach the next generation by providing a safe and loving environment for children of all ages to reach their full potential. The main goal of the Mentoring Progam is to change lives by building character and self esteem with a focus on the children understanding their individual and collective value.


The mentoring program will provide an opportunity for positive future growth and decision making skills for each mentee.  The mentors will help the mentees develop his/her own vision for the future and encourage the mentees to develop their full potential.  The mentors will meet with the mentors as a group with focus on increasing school performance and encouraging positive peer and family relationships.  Our intention is to prompt optimistic associations between the mentees, their schools and their community.


  • To target students in middle school who are most in need of enhanced academic and social skills.

  • Provide a support for positive future growth and decision making skills.

  • Provide encouraging relationships with loving adults.

  • To assist the mentee with developing his/her own vision for the future.

  • To encourage the mentee to grow to their fullest potential.

  • To help the mentee develop effective communication and problem solving skills.

  • To create positive connections between businesses, schools and their communities.

  • To provide a safe environment for the mentee to get to know his/her mentor and to involve the mentee’s family in the growth process.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor with the Ranch, please e-mail Lilly Crook at